Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Salam Perantauan #1

Selamat Hari Raya dari kami semua :)

From top left : Syamimi(Niihama Kosen), Liyana(Ibaraki Kosen), Laily(Tomakomai Kosen), Izzaty(Takuma Kosen), Irra(Anan Kosen), Shahriman(Maizuru Kosen), Iskandar(Nara Kosen), Muslim(Toyama Kosen), Asyraf(Maizuru Kosen)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off We Go

KTJ'S 2008/2010 batch of students will depart to Japan as follows:

Date : 29 March 2010 (Monday)

Time : 6.30pm - Gather at KLIA lobby

9.30pm - Go through Customs etc (basically after this can't see your parents anymore)

11.30pm - Flight takes off

To anyone that would like to see us all cry like babies before we all leave our parents, please, do come.

Anyways, pray for our safety and success!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Graduation Dinner '08/'10

This was our first graduation event, the second one took place in the Old Library where they handed out the Japanese version of our graduation certificates.

Date : 22 January 2010
Event : Grad Dinner
Venue : Grand Blue Wave Hotel

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Level 2 & 3 JLPT '09

To all KTJ students :

The nihongo noryouku shiken will be on the 6th of December.

For Level 3 : the bus will be at 6.45 am.

For Level 2 : the bus will be at 12.30 pm.

Venue : UPM.. tempat sama last year.

Good Luck, everyone !


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Langkawi, We Were Here

A little recap of all that happened.

22/ 10/09 : Took off from Kolej Cemara Akasia at around 6-ish. Our destination? UiTM Perlis. We stayed for one night then the morning after, we were all sent to Kuala Perlis Jetty. Got on the ferry at around 11-ish. Everyone was super excited!

23/10/09 : Arrived at Langkawi! We checked-in into our hotel, Aseania Hotel, and had some free time to explore the surrounding area. At 5 o'clock, we had our Sports session, we played beach volleyball, ran around on the beach and even did some 'rock climbing'. Later on after maghrib, we had a delicious dinner and the Nihongo session started. First, we had to answer a quiz about Japan. Did you know that the current population of Japan is an estimated 125 million? Malaysia's population is only a fifth of that amount. Then, Kamiliah-sensei gave a presentation about the lifestyle, the quirks and helpful hints that we needed to know about Japan. It was great. Japan is such a 'compacted' country. And OMG, the level of cleanliness is just surreal!

24/10/09 : After a hearty breakfast, we set off exploring Langkawi. We went to a gamat factory, some souvenir outlets, an arts & craft exhibition, Makam Mahsuri and the Cable Car. Oh yeah, it started pouring like mad when we finally reached the top of the mountain. Sad, much?! But after it all cleared up, the view from up top, was amazing. Again, had dinner at the hotel. Afterwards, Kamiliah-sensei gave a few words and assigned all of us with the task of writing up a report on all the stuff we'd been doing and we had to do it Japanese. The report's due next Monday guys. The whole day was really tiring, so after that we all went to bed.

25/10/09 : We check-out around 12-ish. Went to the jetty, got on the INTEC bus and headed back to KCA.

All in all, this was an awesome trip. We learnt a lot, laughed a lot, all this in scenic Langkawi.

Till next time...